Kidnapped in Meknes by a gang of six women

A gang of six young women and a man have just been sentenced by the criminal chamber of the Court of Appeal of Meknes to 12 and 10 years of imprisonment for kidnapping, confinement and ransom.

We are in Meknes. This old man who intends to buy a house knocks at the doors of the real estate samsars and at the same time he asks his friends and relatives if they have an idea about a place for sale. His bad luck puts him in the hands of a young woman. She introduced herself to him as an owner who intended to sell one of her properties, claiming that she urgently needed money to finance a project. Before negotiating the price, she invites the old man to see the property in question. He didn’t mind. As soon as he enters, the door locks. The old man finds himself surrounded by five other young women, supported by a young man armed with a knife. A presence that does not augur well. Disturbed, he tries to turn back. But a punch in the face by the young man dissuades him. This was only the beginning of the ordeal he was to endure. Knocked to the ground, the old man received several kicks. He was not at the end of his troubles. Standing up, he found himself in front of one of the six young women completely naked. They also forced him to strip. They take a picture of him with the young naked woman. After finishing the “session”, they threaten the old man to publish them on social networks. Finally, the members of this gang arrive at the essential, namely to claim a ransom. To be released, the old man will have to pay them a sum of 20 thousand dirhams. He quickly phoned his son to tell him what had happened to him and asked him to pay the amount demanded into the account of the leader of the gang. She dictates the account number to the son, who wastes no time in carrying out the order. And the old man is released. He immediately went to the nearest police station to file a complaint. The anti-gang brigade is mobilized. The task was easy because the son of the complainant had the account number of the leader of the gang and the name of the bank branch where he had paid the money. A simple trap brings down all the members of this gang.
 Brought before the criminal chamber of the Court of Appeal of Meknes, in first and second instance, they were found guilty of criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, sequestration, violence and ransom demand.
 The verdict: 12 years of criminal imprisonment for the leader of the gang, while the five other young women and the only man in the gang were sentenced to 10 years each.

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