Rugby: Election of Hicham Oubaja as new President of the FRMR

Hicham Oubaja was elected the new president of the Royal Moroccan Rugby Federation (FRMR), at the end of the General Assembly held on Monday at the Royal Institute of Training Moulay Rachid in Salé.

Mr. Oubaja, who held the position of Vice President of the RMRF, was elected by 18 votes for, 8 abstentions and one absent voter.
 At the beginning of this GA, the secretary general of the FRMR, Samir Al Ghazali, stressed that 20 associations of rugby 15 and 5 regional leagues are represented at this meeting, adding that the quorum was reached to proceed with the election of a new president. 

In a statement to the press after his election, Mr. Oubaja noted that the main objective of the new board is to lift the suspension of Morocco by the African Confederation of the discipline and World Rugby, adding that this is a new stage that is coming for national rugby.

 “The African Confederation has suspended Morocco for 3 years, a decision questioned before World Rugby which has issued recommendations to lift the suspension, including the holding of a general assembly of rugby 15, “he explained, praising the action of the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports that has worked to implement the recommendations of World Rugby to lift the suspension on Morocco. He said that all commitments have been fulfilled to allow Morocco to return in force on the African and international rugby scene, noting that 25 teams of rugby 15 currently play in national championship.

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