Successful first open-heart surgery in Laâyoune

Carried out by Dr Reda Bzikha, a cardiovascular surgeon at the Laâyoune regional hospital, under the supervision of a medical team from the Hassan II University Hospital (CHU) in Fez and the Al-Ghassani hospital in the same city, the surgery is part of a human initiative called “Pouls Sahara volontaire pour les maladies cardio-vasculaires et chirurgie cardiaque”, and also includes operations to implant the “Pacemaker” pacemaker. 

 Three patients from Laâyoune, Boujdour and Tarfaya benefited from these operations, sponsored by the Al Mahaba association of social works in Laâyoune, under the supervision of the wilaya and the regional directorate of Health and Social Protection. 

 The medical staff from the Hassan II University Hospital in Fez who performed the surgery included Prof. Mohamed Messouak, cardiovascular surgeon and head of the cardiovascular surgery department, Prof. Harandou Moustapha, head of the anesthesia-intensive care department, Pr Said Belmkadem, anesthesia-intensive care specialist and perfusionist nurse, Mohamed Boulaajoul, as well as Mohamed Dahmani, instrument nurse and Ismail Oughbbi, cardiovascular surgeon at the Al-Ghassani hospital in Fez. 
 On this occasion, the Regional Director of Health and Social Protection, Ali El Haouari, emphasized that this operation was carried out by doctors from the city of Laâyoune and a medical staff from the city of Fès, noting that it is a prelude to creating a cardiovascular surgery department at the Moulay Hassan Ben Mehdi regional hospital. He also stressed that the Ministry was committed to providing the cardiovascular department with the necessary equipment, to ensure the sustainability of this type of operation for the benefit of the population in the southern regions of the Kingdom. 

 This humane initiative is the prelude to performing open-heart operations on a regular basis at the regional hospital, as part of the drive to bring health services closer to the population, particularly in terms of cardiovascular surgery, he explained. 

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