Essaouira: Forest fire risk awareness day

An awareness-raising day on the risks of forest fires was organized on Sunday in the communes of Tamanar and Aït Daoud, on the initiative of the Provincial Directorate of the Agence Nationale des Eaux et Forêts. 

 Carried out with the support of local authorities, the heads of the Tamanar and Smimou 
forest resources conservation and development centers, forest district chiefs and civil protection personnel, in the presence of elected representatives and civil society players, the event aimed to encourage responsible behavior to prevent forest fires, and to raise awareness among local populations, particularly schoolchildren, of the importance of banning certain practices that accompany the celebration of Eid Al Adha, in order to reduce the outbreak of accidental fires. 

 This initiative also aims to reinforce the adoption of good practices during outings and walks, by avoiding the discarding of cigarette butts and any object likely to encourage the outbreak of fire, particularly with the gradual rise in temperatures, indicate the organizers. 

 The day was punctuated by practical demonstrations and an exhibition of fire-fighting equipment, to enable participants to familiarize themselves with the logistical resources mobilized to fight forest fires. Practical explanations were also given, and leaflets were distributed containing advice and measures to be followed, as well as reflexes to adopt in order to deal with any potential fire and limit its spread in the event of an outbreak. 

 The participants in this awareness-raising campaign emphasized the importance of preserving nature and the forest cover, and of involving everyone in preventing forest fires and their risks, in order to avoid the tragedy that occurred last year in the northern regions of the Kingdom, and to avoid any action that could lead to the outbreak of a fire, particularly with the advent of the summer season and rising temperatures. 

 The ultimate objective remains the preservation of the heritage and ecosystem of the forests, fauna and flora, stress the organizers, while calling on citizens to interact positively with this type of awareness campaign, by showing a high level of awareness and adopting responsible behavior for a summer without the risk of forest fires.

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