Moroccan Domestic homicide:

Informed that his wife was cheating on him, but without ever catching her in the act, he ended up stabbing her to death.

As soon as he entered the courtroom of the criminal division of the Casablanca Court of Appeal, this young man, aged thirty-four, asked the president of the court to allow him to see his two-year-old child, who was in the arms of his grandmother in the audience. It’s been over a year since he last saw or kissed him. His baby was only a few months old when he was arrested for murder.

“I’m the one who orphaned him from his mother, Mr. President. I just want to ask him to forgive me”. A phrase that seemed to resonate in the heart of the president, who asked the defendant’s mother to bring him her baby. His mother, in her fifties, made her way to the box. As soon as she stood up in front of her son, he threw himself on top of her, embracing her before taking her child in his arms and kissing him while whispering words in her ear. It was a human scene that seemed to leave a lasting impression on the audience and the judges alike, as the courtroom fell into dead silence for a few seconds. Clearly, the suspect regrets having killed his wife.

“She’s the one who pushed me into the act,” he tells the court, justifying his crime by the fact that she made him a cuckold. In other words, she cheated on him with young men. Did he see her with his own eyes? To this question, he replied in the negative, but people informed him that she was always meeting young men. Did she meet them when she was pregnant? To this and other questions, the president of the court did not receive a convincing answer.

In fact, on the night of the crime, the accused wanted to sleep with his wife, but she refused, arguing that she was very tired. A refusal that made him lose his temper. He started calling her a woman who indulges young men like a prostitute. She couldn’t believe her ears when she heard his words. At least, that’s what he told the court, recalling what happened that night of the crime.

He immediately left the bedroom, went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife with which he riddled her body. The forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy counted no fewer than eight stab wounds.
 Verdict: Convicted of voluntary manslaughter, the accused was sentenced to thirty years’ imprisonment.

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