Occupation of the public domain: cafe owners and restaurateurs propose a new tax formula

Following the controversy sparked by the new taxes on the occupation of public space, decided by the Rabat City Council, cafe owners and restaurant owners seem to want to ease the tension by taking the initiative of dialogue. The National Federation of Cafe and Restaurant Owners held an extraordinary session on Tuesday to discuss its proposals for the new tax schedule. The session followed a number of meetings held between professionals and local elected representatives as part of the consultation process. 

 It was agreed to review the taxes as a whole. With regard to the tax applicable to the installation of chairs and tables in public spaces, the amount has been set at 20 dirhams. This rate is similar to that proposed for the occupation of pavement by parasols or palisades. 

 In the case of occupation of the pavement by removable equipment with aluminum or glass barriers, it is proposed to reduce the tax to 60 dirhams instead of 200 dirhams. 

 The professionals are proposing this new scale after having strongly contested the Rabat City Council’
s decision to raise taxes for the occupation of public space to levels deemed high by the professionals, who did not fail to threaten to go on strike.  

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