The pharmacist and the new national health system” national day

The role of the pharmacist in the new national health system was the theme of the 11th national pharmaceutical day in Doukkala, organized on Saturday in El Jadida on the initiative of the province’s pharmacists’ union. 

 At the meeting, participants discussed the constraints on the profession of pharmacist in Morocco in general and in El Jadida in particular, and ways of combating the illegal marketing of medicines via social networks and in souks and grocers. 

 The union’s president, Mohamed Sabri, took the opportunity to point out that the 11th National Pharmaceutical Day in Doukkala was attended by several pharmacists and university professors, noting that the event was an opportunity for professionals from different towns in the Kingdom to 
exchange ideas and share their experiences and concerns. 

 The program for this year’s event included a number of presentations on the profession of pharmacist in the province of El Jadida, the organization of pharmacists, radiotherapy and the role of pharmacists in the new social protection system launched by His Majesty the King, he added. 

 For his part, Oualid Amri, President of the Fédération nationale des syndicats des pharmaciens du Maroc (National Federation of Pharmacists’ Unions in Morocco), noted that National Pharmaceutical Day provides an opportunity to examine and debate the prospects for this profession, and to support related issues, in addition to the new health system and pharmacists’ demands submitted to the government. 

 He called for pharmacists to be given new responsibilities, such as patient follow-up and support, and the right to change a prescribed drug for a cheaper one, stressing the need to adopt a regional approach to pharmacists’ councils. 

 The day was also marked by a presentation by Nourredinne Boulaghim, a pharmacist from Témara, on the benefits of energetic medicine, during which he argued that this method makes it possible to provide patients with a quality service and improve treatment. 

 A tribute was paid to the late Farouk El Youssfi, a pharmacist from Bir Jdid.

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