Andalusian Music Festival: An art rooted in the national heritage in FEZ

The audience was enchanted by this concert of music, drawn from this unique and authentic Moroccan heritage. The show featured the participation of the “Dar El Ala” choir from Casablanca and a Spanish group. 

 The festival program, which runs until June 11 under the banner “Moroccan 
Andalusian music: a living heritage”, includes concerts by Moroccan Ala orchestras, choirs and performances by students and teachers from Fès music conservatories. 

 Abdeslam Bakkali, President of the Commune of Fez, underlined “the importance of the Andalusian-Moroccan heritage, which has inspired successive generations of music lovers throughout the Muslim world, where the values of coexistence, understanding and mutual respect reigned”. 

 For his part, the festival’s artistic director, Abdeslam Chami, declared that the festival aims to preserve Andalusian music and strengthen the interest of music conservatories in this authentic art, noting that this edition includes the participation of orchestras and choirs from different regions of Morocco. 

 The event is organized by the commune of Fès in partnership with the Fès-Meknès regional council and the city’s Heritage Foundation. It is part of a series of major heritage festivals aimed at preserving Moroccan cultural memory and consolidating the influence of Morocco’s intangible heritage. 

 The festival program also includes debates on “Andalusian music and its interaction with society”, to highlight the situation of this authentic art form and ways of promoting it.              As part of this year’s edition of the National Festival of Moroccan Andalusian Music, participants at a conference organized on Saturday under the theme “Andalusian music and its interaction with the vitality of society”, stressed the importance of promoting, enhancing and preserving Moroccan Andalusian music, emphasizing the need to work towards preserving this authentic Moroccan heritage and contributing to its evolution so that it keeps pace with developments taking place in the world. 

 Researchers and specialists pointed out that Moroccan Andalusian music faces challenges and constraints that need to be addressed and dealt with positively, in order to preserve its originality and renewal. 

 The speakers also dwelt on the great importance of this art form among Moroccans, who are keen to pass it on to their children and younger generations, and to teach it in conservatories. 

The Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the National Festival of Moroccan Andalusian Music, Rachid Bennani, explained that this conclave aims, in particular, to shed light on the place of Andalusian music among the Moroccan public and its great passion for this art, in addition to highlighting its relationship with human cultures. 

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