El Jadida / Ouled Frej: 9000 T of figs produced

The Ouled Frej region in the province of El Jadida is renowned for its fig tree cultivation, making it an important supplier to the national market and a popular destination for connoisseurs in search of quality and sweet flavors. 

The Ouled Zid fig, particularly at Oulad Frej, is distinguished by its diversity of variety and size, which arouses great interest among consumers and retailers alike. 

Yassine Adrab, an agricultural engineer from the Ouled Afrag agricultural development district, pointed out that farmers in the Sidi Ali Ben Youssef commune are known for growing and producing an abundance of two fig varieties: the white fig known as “M’tioua” and the black fig known as “Ghaddane”, which are highly appreciated by consumers. 

He added that the area set aside for fig cultivation is around 1,950 hectares, including 1,525 hectares of bour land and 425 hectares of irrigated land, noting that 900 hectares have been cultivated as part of the Green Morocco Plan program, with the introduction of new varieties. 

He explained that annual production varies between 8,500 and 9,000 T throughout the region, equivalent to around 4.5 T/Ha in bour land and 10 T/Ha in irrigated land, indicating that under the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA), the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests offers financial support to farmers of up to 100% for equipping orchards with a drip irrigation system. 

He pointed out that the Ouled Frej fig-growing area comprises eight rural communities (Ouled Frej, Sidi Ali Ben Youssef, Sidi Hssain Ben Abderrahman, Al-Shuaiba, Metouh, Boulaouane, Ouled Hamdane and El Gouacem), many of which depend on rainwater. 

For his part, Lahcen Menzoula, a farmer from OuladZid, declared that fig production in the region is abundant and of high quality, indicating that bour land has a lower production than irrigated land. 

He also pointed out that prices vary, ranging from 50 to 300 Dhs/case, depending on the type and quality of the figs, noting that traders frequently buy the white and black varieties. 

The Oulad Frej fig weighs between 55 and 85g. It contains between 2.86 and 3.5% fiber, while its moisture content varies between 72.2 and 88.3%. Its acidity level does not exceed 0.24%.

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