A simple misunderstanding led to murder in Kelaât Sraghna

In the Moulay Ali Cherif district of Taourirt, a young man ended the life of his antagonist on Sunday, July 30, by stabbing him with a bladed weapon, according to a judicial source. In fact, due to a simple misunderstanding that the same source has not yet revealed, the two young men, both in their twenties, began to insult each other before engaging in a fight with punches and kicks, ending with a stab wound to the chest of one of the two antagonists. The victim collapsed, blood pouring from his body as he breathed his last. His body was evacuated to the morgue of the provincial hospital in the town of Taourirt. As for the murderer, he was arrested a few hours later and held in police custody before being brought before the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Appeal.

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