Azilal scorpion stings

The provincial health and social protection delegation in Azilal announced that it had treated and cared for 62 cases of scorpion stings during the month of July, with no deaths among those stung. 

All these cases were treated in accordance with the health protocol in force, taking into account the degree of danger of each sting, according to the same source. 
The provincial delegation also organized a series of training sessions on how to prevent and treat scorpion stings and snake bites, under the supervision of an anesthesia and resuscitation specialist at the provincial hospital. 

The provincial delegation for health and social protection invites residents to respect preventive measures, to raise awareness of the dangers of scorpion stings, and to go to the nearest health centers to enable better management of cases of stings or bites. 
All hospitals and health centers in the Béni Mellal-Khénifra region have been equipped with anti-scorpion kits and anti-venom serums distributed by the Centre national antipoison et de pharmacovigilance as part of the national strategy to combat scorpion stings. 

The aim of this action is to ensure better care for those stung or bitten, according to the Regional Department of Health and Social Protection.

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