Earthquake: A team of French volunteers arrives in Morocco

Numerous countries around the world have expressed their deep condolences and solidarity with Morocco, following the earthquake that struck several regions of the Kingdom on Friday evening. The disaster, which left at least 2012 people dead in Morocco, prompted an outpouring of solidarity. Several countries have offered to help, including Spain, Jordan, Qatar and Tunisia. France was no exception.    
A group of French volunteer firefighters, members of the CASC APPUI association specializing in emergency response and based in the Lyon region, arrived in Morocco on Sunday.  They are mobilized to help victims and rescue workers on the spot.    
The volunteers arrived in Marrakech at around 01:00 Sunday morning, where they were welcomed at the headquarters of the Civil Protection. They were then directed to an area some 50km from the city, as reported by the Rhône prefecture.     
The team is made up of four rescue and search 
specialists, a nurse and a specialist accompanied by his dog.    
Meanwhile, in Saint-Étienne, the PHF association, which specializes in civil protection, mobilized an eight-strong team to Marrakech on Sunday, including a doctor, two nurses and three rescue workers, as well as equipment, on a commercial flight from Lyon, French media report.    
“We decided to send a team right away to be as efficient as possible. Once on site, we will make ourselves available to the local authorities”, Mathieu Beaugiraud, the association’s vice-president, told AFP.          

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