Dismantling of a gang of 9 cybercriminals

Nine suspects, aged between 21 and 38, involved in a case of breach of electronic banking data processing systems and fraud, were put out of action on Wednesday September 6 by members of the Judicial Police of the Nador and Guercif Sûretés, according to a judicial source.

It was a masterstroke achieved following information provided by the bloodhounds of the Direction générale de la surveillance du territoire national, added the same source, which specified that the suspects posed as employees in telecommunications companies who contacted their victims and made them believe that they had won prizes in cash and kind, and to collect the prize they asked for their confidential bank details. In fact, the swindlers used these details to purchase telephone top-up cards. According to the same source, the searches carried out by the investigators resulted in the seizure of digital data storage media, phone top-up cards and 20 cell phones.

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