Trying to save a girl, he was fatally stabbed

For having put an end to the life of a shopkeeper in Hay Hassani, Berrechid, a suspect was brought before the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Settat Court of Appeal on Wednesday September 6, under arrest.
 The case dates back to Monday September 5, when the forty-two-year-old defendant, who was in a state of drunkenness, started beating up his girlfriend, who was asking for help. Her neighbor, a forty-something greengrocer, was standing by when the young woman joined him, sobbing and asking him to intervene and save her from her boyfriend’s violence. Without hesitation, he went over to him and asked him to calm down and take care of his girlfriend instead of beating her up.

Only, the defendant pushed him while insulting him. And that was the last straw. The greengrocer also lost his temper. Insults flew, then the two antagonists came to blows with fists and kicks. Finally, the drunk drew a knife and violently attacked the shopkeeper. Without mercy, he riddled him with blows. The victim soon lost consciousness. Evacuated in a critical condition to hospital in Berrechid and then to Ibn Rochd hospital in Casablanca, he gave up the ghost.
 The murderer, who fled the scene, was arrested on the same day, Monday, along with his girlfriend, and both were taken into custody before being brought to justice.

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