Local councilor sentenced to one year in prison

A local councillor, vice-president of one of Tangier’s districts, was recently found guilty of fraud and sentenced to one year’s imprisonment by the magistrates’ court of the Strait’s capital.
The case arose when a young woman living in Azemmour lodged a complaint against the local councillor, accusing her of fraud. She promised to find her a work contract in Spain in return for 100,000 dirhams. The plaintiff, who had worked in Qatar before returning to her native country following the coronavirus pandemic, tried to go back. But to no avail. Having made the acquaintance of the local councillor’s sister, a Moroccan national in Italy, the plaintiff came to learn that the latter could help her get a work contract in Spain. The complainant changed her Azemmour address on her identity card and passport to that of the local councillor’s residence. The latter helped her obtain a certificate of residence. To this end, she paid her an advance of 40,000 dirhams. However, the promise was not kept. The plaintiff received the visa but not the employment contract.

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