Bab Sebta: 40kg of chira and a large amount of foreign currency seized

Customs and police officers at the Bab Sebta crossing have foiled an attempt to traffic 40kg of chira and over 87,000 euros in two separate operations, customs sources said on Monday.

During a joint control operation, customs officials, in collaboration with the police, seized this quantity of drugs in the early hours of Monday, which had been carefully concealed in several fitted hiding places and in the dashboard of a Spanish-registered vehicle driven by a Spanish national, who was preparing to leave the country, the same source added.

The suspect was handed over to the judicial police for further investigation, under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office. In a second operation on Sunday evening, customs officers at the vehicle import control point seized 87,840 euros during a thorough search of a French-registered vehicle driven by a French national, who was attempting to bring this sum into the country without authorization from the French Customs and Excise Administration (ADII).

This sum was concealed in sheets under a wooden board in the trunk of the vehicle, as well as in the driver’s clothes and personal luggage, noting that the suspect was handed over to the Bab Sebta police to further investigate the case, in compliance with instructions from the public prosecutor’s office.

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