Bab Sebta: Attempted smuggling of large quantities of ecstasy and “L’boufa” to Morocco aborted

A joint security operation by the Sûreté Nationale and Customs services at the Bab Sebta crossing aborted an attempt to smuggle a large shipment of ecstasy and L’boufa into Morocco on Friday evening.

The operation led to the apprehension of the driver of a commercial vehicle, a Moroccan citizen accompanied by his Spanish wife, immediately after their arrival in Morocco, said the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) in a statement, noting that the search operation led to the discovery of 20,056 ecstasy tablets and over 1,300 grams of the drug “L’boufa” in their possession.
 The two suspects are the subject of a judicial investigation conducted under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, with a view to identifying all those involved in this case and determining the possible regional and international ramifications of this criminal act, continues the same source. Samples of the drugs seized have been handed over to the Laboratoire National de la Police Scientifique for the necessary technical expertise to determine all the chemical components involved in their manufacture, as well as the level and extent of their danger to public health.

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