Life sentence for a husband who killed and buried his wife

A life sentence was handed down on Tuesday September 12 by the criminal division of the Tangier Court of Appeal against a father who killed his wife by suffocating her before burying her. Four months ago, on Wednesday May 24, investigators from the prefectural criminal investigation department solved the case of a 55-year-old mother who had disappeared for three weeks. Her husband, who had accompanied his daughter to her first day of work at the Mohammed VI University Hospital Center, had given no sign of her, so he turned to the police to help him find her.

Her daughter, who was also questioned, told investigators that she kissed her before leaving through the main door of the hospital, located at Route de Rabat km 17, in the Gzenaya region. The daughter told investigators that she was certain her mother had not met anyone when she was about to turn back towards her home. In the course of the investigation, the missing woman’s husband gave the police the slip, and they tried to arrest him at his home. However, he tried to escape via the terrace of the house next door. But he fell from the 2nd floor. Suffering fractures, he was evacuated to hospital. Under interrogation, he confessed to the crime.

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