Taroudant : Tourism activity returns to normal

Taroudant is known as a popular destination for ecotourism and mountain tourism enthusiasts. Every year, it welcomes tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world, thanks in particular to its attractive infrastructure and natural and historical sites. 

Since the beginning of last week, Taroudant has seen a significant influx of tourists from different nationalities, who have maintained their plans to visit the region, confirming their confidence in the ability of the region, and the country as a whole, to overcome the repercussions of the earthquake. 
 Tourism professionals have confirmed that the province’s hotels and riads are enjoying high occupancy rates, allaying tourist operators’ fears about the possible impact of the earthquake on the province. 
 Aziz Niama, President of the Provincial Tourism Council, pointed out that bookings at all tourist units, riads and guest houses in Taroudant province are currently on the rise, adding that tourist activity has been boosted by the large number of Moroccan citizens who have come from all over the country to express their solidarity with the local population. 

 Jean Baptiste, manager of a riad in Taroudant, said that his establishment’s business had not been overly affected by the repercussions of the earthquake that struck several regions of the province. 

 He pointed out that, although the earthquake initially caused some concern, it had no repercussions on tourist bookings for his unit, adding that there had been no cancellations for the months of September and October. 

 The professional is optimistic about the future of tourism in the province, pointing out that despite the tragedy, the disaster gave Morocco a good image, thanks in particular to the outpouring of solidarity shown by the public. “The ordeal also presented Taroudant as a beautiful historic city, which recovered very quickly from the effects of the earthquake”, he continued. 

 For her part, Tourkia, owner of a guesthouse, affirmed that the authorities’ effective response to the effects of the earthquake encouraged many tourists to visit the region just a few days after the natural disaster. 

 She believes that the heroic exploits of the rescue teams and the various Moroccan people, in addition to the activism of local civil society, have boosted the attractiveness of the province. 
in turn, said that they had maintained their choice of destination, not least because of the outpouring of solidarity they had witnessed through the media, in addition to the swift reaction of the authorities immediately after the earthquake. 
 Other tourists
, who were in the province at the time of the disaster, decided to extend their stay as a gesture of solidarity with the local people, and in the belief that the Moroccans would soon recover from the ordeal.

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