Chichaoua: Protection against the cold snap

Carried out by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity in close collaboration with the provincial and local authorities and the Royal Armed Forces, this operation is part of a series of initiatives affecting various communes in the province of Chichaoua, with the aim of better assisting the targeted populations and helping them to overcome the difficulties inherent in the bad weather experienced in the region. 

This human and supportive action is in application of HM King Mohammed VI’s high instructions to lend a helping hand to the populations affected by the earthquake. It also testifies to the approach advocated by His Majesty the King and implemented on an ongoing basis by the relevant authorities to promote a genuine policy of proximity to citizens, based on efficiency, speed and attentiveness to their needs and expectations, particularly in these exceptional circumstances. 

In the villages of “Tourar” and “Igr N’Tii”, this operation involved, among other things, the distribution, installation and fixing of waterproof tents resistant to the harsh weather conditions, as well as the changing of others, and the distribution of essential food kits to beneficiaries, with the aim of alleviating their suffering and enabling them to better protect themselves against the cold. 
As part of its ongoing support for people affected by the earthquake, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity has mobilized all logistical and human resources to organize medical consultations in the area and distribute medicines to patients. 

 As part of this caravan, several people also benefited from psychological support sessions, provided by staff from the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity. The operation also benefited children, with entertainment sessions and the distribution of sweets. 

 In a statement to the press, Sabir Abderrahmane, Head of Project Development at the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, said that all those involved were working hard to provide the necessary aid and assistance to the populations concerned. 

 “We are currently in douar Tourar, part of the Imi’N’Dounit commune, where all those involved are hard at work to assist the population, notably through the distribution of foodstuffs and waterproof tents in anticipation of the rains, in addition to medical assistance and psychological support”, he explained.  
In similar statements, beneficiaries of this initiative expressed their great satisfaction at the ongoing efforts made by all the relevant authorities to come to their aid, from the very first moments following this natural disaster. 

They also expressed their deep gratitude to HM King Mohammed VI for the special interest the Sovereign has always shown in their socio-economic conditions.

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