Claiming to have the baraka, she displaces two sisters

This forty-something woman has just rented an apartment from two sisters in Azemmour. However, she took advantage of the situation to con them into believing that she had the baraka.

When she knocked on their door more than seven months ago in Azemmour, she seemed serious. Looking for a small apartment to rent, a samsar led her and her husband to the home of these two sisters. They seemed an exemplary couple. The deal was struck. As the days went by, the two owners of the house familiarized themselves with their new neighbor. However, from time to time, she behaved so strangely that the two sisters began to distrust her. For example, she would scream at night, burn incense, address invisible people and speak to them with incomprehensible expressions… In short, she pretended to be a woman with occult spiritual powers and baraka.

To reassure the two sisters, she explained that they had nothing to fear because she would never harm them. She explained that she was just possessed by a djinn who conversed with her while informing her of many secrets and carrying out all her requests. The two sisters came to believe in this woman’s occult powers. From then on, it was easy for her to lure them into her trap. First of all, they exempted her from paying the rent so that they could benefit from her baraka. They even prepared meals for her, and gave her small sums of money… Sensing that their hold over them was total, she decided to play a big game.

She explained that the djinn who possessed her had confided in her that a treasure was buried in their house. To unearth it, she had to buy incense, which was very expensive. The two sisters didn’t hesitate for a second. They could already see themselves in possession of the treasure, the equivalent of millions of dirhams. They gave her an initial sum of ten thousand dirhams. Other sums followed, the woman presenting them each time with a pretext to fleece them, sometimes to buy offerings, other times to get incense from India… They ended up with 140 thousand dirhams paid into the pockets of the new neighbor who disappeared into thin air.

The two sisters were now convinced they were dealing with a female con artist. They filed a complaint against her. A few days later, she was arrested by the Azemmour police, who handed her over to the courts last Sunday.

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