Duo impersonating police officers arrested

On Tuesday October 17 in Tangier, two criminals posing as police officers were put out of action by members of the National Judicial Police Brigade, according to a judicial source.
Assuming the position of a member of the Sûreté Nationale, one of the two suspects, an ex-convict, presented himself as a police officer working for the Sûreté Nationale in Sidi Slimane, Sidi Kacem and Jorf El Melha.
According to the same judicial source, his modus operandi consisted in targeting victims who had been in trouble with the law. He threatened them with criminal involvement if they didn’t pay him a sum of money. In short, he blackmailed them. His accomplice was in charge of collecting the money, added the same judicial source. The police investigation revealed that the two suspects, who were held in custody, were the subject of several nationwide wanted notes issued by the police and the Royal Gendarmerie. After questioning, they were brought to trial on charges of fraud and usurpation of office.

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