He kills his mother who has come from Europe to visit him

A Moroccan mother living abroad lost her life at the hands of her son when she returned to her homeland. The crime took place last Thursday in the douar of Aït Issa Ou Brahim in the rural commune of Taghazoute N’Aït Atta, in the province of Tinghir. The whole family is living abroad, except for this young man, aged 24, suffering from mental disorders, who lives in Morocco, more precisely in Tinghir. Standing alone in front of her, he grabs a stone and hits her on the head. The mother let out a shrill scream before collapsing to the ground, blood pouring from her head. She soon gave up the ghost. Her body was evacuated to the morgue after the arrival of the Royal Gendarmerie, who made the usual report. The accused was placed in police custody before being brought to justice.

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