For the healing of the wounded: Rabbi Pinto prayed in Morocco

Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto made his way to the burial site of his late grandfather, the esteemed Rabbi Chaim Pinto, in the historic cemetery of Casablanca, Morocco. This visit took place amidst the backdrop of the ongoing conflict in Israel and the intricate security situation.

During his time at the gravesite, Rabbi Pinto conducted a special prayer dedicated to the well-being of the inhabitants of Israel. Given the challenging security circumstances faced by the country, his prayers extended specifically to the individuals affected in the northern and southern regions, as well as to the healing of the numerous wounded and the success of the IDF soldiers. 

The timing of Rabbi Pinto’s arrival held significance as it coincided with the anniversary of Rabbi Chaim Pinto’s passing. Known for his reputation as a miracle worker and esteemed as one of the greatest righteous men in Morocco, Rabbi Chaim Pinto’s legacy continues to inspire. Following the prayer at the gravesite,  Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto conducted a live Torah lesson and reinforcement session. This interactive session reached viewers across the globe, with Rabbi Pinto addressing pre-submitted questions from various locations.

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