He kills his father for a chicken

A young man, aged thirty-one, who killed his father on the morning of Sunday November 26, in the rural commune of Bni Garfett in the province of Larache, was arrested fourteen hours later, at around 11pm on the same day, in Ksar Kebir.
Living in the Tamaslal douar, in the Bni Garfett commune, the father discovered that one of his hens had disappeared, only to learn that it had been stolen by his son, a drug addict. Heaping reproaches and insults on his son, the latter lost all control of his nerves and put an end to his father’s life by hitting him on the head with a stone before fleeing the scene. The Royal Gendarmerie, who rushed to the scene of the crime to begin their investigations, learned that the accused had already left for Ksar Kebir to hide out in the Essalam district. Without wasting any time, the Royal Gendarmerie officers from Bni Garfett joined their colleagues in Ksar Kebir to arrest him and take him to their headquarters for questioning.

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