Four years in prison for a young thug

This twenty-two-year-old man, who had no previous criminal record, set out to make easy money. He devoted himself to multiple assaults targeting women in El Jadida. But it wasn’t long before the police caught up with him.

Doesn’t this twenty-something fear he’ll be arrested one day after the multiple assaults on women in El Jadida? Does he have absolute confidence in himself? In fact, he didn’t know that it was only a matter of time before he fell into the nets of the police in the capital of the Doukkala region. And what he had never dreaded, since he took the path of delinquency, happened when an umpteenth complaint was lodged by a young woman he had assaulted, in the Essalam district, before fleeing. She was preparing to return home late at night after finishing work. She found herself in the clutches of this thug who put his knife to her neck, threatening to cut her throat if she didn’t give him her smartphone. Terrified, she handed it over. He then took his moped, which he had left two or three meters away, and sped off. The victim told the investigators about the suspect’s features and whereabouts. Investigators quickly set out to find him. He was arrested shortly afterwards.
Before this last young woman, he had assaulted another in the same neighborhood. She tried to flee, but fearing for her life, she finally stopped and calmly handed him her smartphone.
Another victim, a university student who tried to escape from her attacker, endured an ordeal. Early in the morning, on her way to the faculty where she was studying, this young thug cut her off. She tried to flee. She didn’t want to. He grabbed her by her clothes, beat her to the ground and dragged her away. But noticing two young men approaching, he snatched her smartphone before running to his moped and starting off at full speed.
When he appeared, under arrest, before the three magistrates of the criminal chamber of the El Jadida Court of Appeal, he denied the charges against him. However, the court reminded him that investigators from the judicial police had seized smartphones from his home, the fruit of his criminal acts, as well as his moped on which he rode around the four corners of the city to commit his crimes. What’s more, all his victims recognized him.
Verdict: Found guilty, he was sentenced to four years in prison.

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