Rabat: A new era of e-Health on the horizon

A constellation of experts converged in Rabat for the first edition of the International e-Health Forum, highlighting the growing importance of technology in healthcare. The event brought together key players to share knowledge, explore opportunities and catalyze progress in the digital health sector.

Among the participants, renowned Moroccan experts in the field of digital health helped to enrich discussions and promote innovation in this constantly evolving sector.
Under the aegis of the e-Health Innovation Center at Mohammed V University in Rabat, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, this forum represents a unique opportunity to share recent developments in the Moroccan healthcare sector.

Speaking at the event, the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Abdellatif Miraoui, highlighted the current mutation of the healthcare field, similar to other sectors, due to the increasing spread of digital technologies. He also highlighted the potential positive impacts, including improved healthcare efficiency, accessibility to healthcare services and personalized treatment.

Centered on the innovative concept of “HealTech”, the event took place against a backdrop marked by in-depth reform of the national healthcare system and major healthcare digitalization projects. Several highlights, including some thirty conferences and panels, will explore the challenges and opportunities linked to this digital transformation, fostering a rich and stimulating exchange between players in the healthcare field.

Over two days, the forum will explore a variety of topics, including the influence of Artificial Intelligence on heart disease, and the application of AI and robots in healthcare. It will also address the criteria for choosing the right system for medical information.

This event embodies an ambitious initiative to stimulate progress in the field of digital healthcare. By catalyzing this momentum, the forum is laying the foundations for a fruitful collaboration that will help shape the future of digital healthcare on a global scale.

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