Rabat: Florilège Culturel festival returns from December 1

Rabat is set to host a new edition of the Florilège Culturel, organized this time under the theme: “The City of Tomorrow, from the Virtuous City to the Intelligent City”.
This event will bring together thinkers, experts and specialists to debate the evolution of the ideal city, characterized by justice, equity, equality and social responsibility, towards the intelligent city, says the organizing association in a press release.

Ribat Alfath is committed, through this meeting, to examining how the fundamental values of the ideal city can merge harmoniously with information and communication technologies to create a modern society better adapted to the needs of its citizens.

Participants will also be able to look forward to a rich program that will address crucial issues such as the promotion of citizen well-being, ethical behavior, environmental protection policies, anti-poverty programs and citizen participation initiatives.

Technology is, of course, at the heart of this event. Debates will explore how technology can optimize transportation networks, energy and waste management, public safety, health services and many other aspects of urban life.

In addition, the symposium will seek to anticipate citizens’ problems, particularly in terms of traffic and energy consumption, so as to arrive at a global vision of the intelligent city, harmonizing the aspirations of the ideal city with the advantages of modern technology.

The meeting will also focus on the importance of taking into account the challenges of using technology in the design and implementation of smart city initiatives, in a way that does not compromise the fundamental rights of citizens.

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