Moroccan embassy in India and Nepal outsources visa applications to DU Digital Global

This collaboration aims to offer a range of tourist visa options exclusively for Indian and Nepalese citizens. As the preferred partner chosen by the Kingdom of Morocco’s embassies in India and Nepal, DU Digital Global aims to offer streamlined visa solutions while introducing cost benefits for visa applicants, says an Indian media report.   

The company offers tourist visas with stickers as a cost-effective alternative to existing eVisa options. 

This collaboration specifically redefines affordability for travelers from India and Nepal wishing to enter Morocco. For example, DU Digital Global facilitates the acquisition of a single-entry tourist sticker visa to Morocco for INR 3,425 ($41), while the multiple-entry tourist sticker visa is available for INR 5,137 ($61). In contrast, eVisa alternatives cost INR 6,324, the equivalent of $75 for a single entry, and INR 9,035 ($108) for multiple entries. 

“Our collaboration with the embassies of the Kingdom of Morocco aims not only to simplify the visa application process but also to enable travelers to make significant savings,” said Rajji Rai, President of DU Digital Global Ltd. 

DUDigital is now the official visa application center for the Moroccan embassies in New Delhi , Mumbai , Chennai , Calcutta and Bangalore .

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