Rabat-Agdal station: Investigation into the death of a child following a fatal fall from a staircase

At the beginning of November, a 4-year-old child died in the Rabat-Agdal train station following a fatal fall from an automatic staircase, the handrail of which had apparently been removed during the incident. The circumstances of this tragedy have prompted the Justice Department to investigate further in order to identify the cause of this fatal fall.

The child was accompanied by his father, an Iraqi citizen, according to police officers from the third district of Agdal, who went to the scene after the incident. The two passengers, coming from Kenitra, arrived at Rabat-Agdal station at around 9:45pm.

The child fell while climbing the automatic staircase, from which part of the glass railing had apparently been removed. It was at this point that the deceased fell into the void, 10m above the ground. 

Rescue teams then intervened, and the child, who had suffered a haemorrhage, was taken to the Souissi Children’s Hospital by the Civil Protection before giving up the ghost shortly before his arrival. 

The police forwarded their report to the competent public prosecutor’s office. The King’s Prosecutor has ordered further investigations to clarify the circumstances of this incident and identify those responsible.

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