Casablanca hosts the first edition of “Lovers of the 80’s” for nostalgic eighties fans

A new event has just been added to Casablanca’s cultural agenda. Next summer, the city will host the first edition of the “Lovers of the 80’s” festival, offering fans a unique journey back in time, through the timeless classics that marked that era.

Held in the heart of Casablanca, “Lovers of the 80’s” will be an opportunity for nostalgic fans of an emblematic musical decade to vibrate to the rhythm of 80’s music, announced Public Events, organizers of the event.

Although the date has yet to be revealed, this artistic event promises a rich and diverse program to the delight of music lovers. Three timeless, intergenerational themed evenings promise to immerse audiences in the creative effervescence and exhilaration of the 1980s, its diversity and audacity.

By revisiting the decade’s greatest hits, the event will honor the cultural heritage of the era with the watchwords: musicality, conviviality and pure entertainment.    

Each evening of the Festival will offer its audience a subtle blend of music, fashion, games and art. Decors, colors and performances will be totally different.  In the aisles, the public will find walkmans, rubik’s cubes, boomboxes, VHS, cassettes, handheld consoles and other retro objects emblematic of the era.

The “smiley”, ancestor of today’s emoji and symbol of club culture, will also be an integral part of the decor.

“From New Wave to Pop, Techno, Jazz and Rock, the eclectic program of “Lovers of the 80’s” will resurrect the musical trends and legends of the decade,” say the organizers in a press release, who say they want to celebrate the icons, sounds and cultural symbols of the 80s.

Lovers of the 80’s” will bring the world of the 80’s up to date, using modern technology to recreate the authentic atmosphere of the era.

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