Tribute: Omar Afous, light in a dark world

Omar Afous is an artist and teacher who has left his mark on a whole generation of artists, adopting a singular style distinguished by thematic diversity and stylistic plurality, from figuration to semi-abstract… A tribute was recently paid to him in recognition of his unrivalled talent through an exhibition that was also intended as an educational act for young talent. Hosted by the Association Atelier Athar Art, in coordination with the École supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Casablanca (ESBAC), the group exhibition, entitled “The Light of Darkness”, was intended as a tribute to the late artist and a way of highlighting his exceptional artistic legacy.

It was also an opportunity to revisit some of the late artist’s works and explore his universe, deemed inspiring for young artists in particular via his chromatic ranges, with the aim of giving impetus to artistic thought and action both nationally and regionally, especially as Omar Afous was able, throughout his career, to focus his work on reflection, planning and cultural depth, through a new pictorial style born of the opposition between light and darkness.

Abstract Expressionism This symbolic posthumous tribute to an emblematic figure of contemporary Moroccan art, and to the teacher who trained several artists who are now present on the Moroccan cultural scene, was marked by an event attended by several colleagues and friends of the deceased, as well as ESBAC students who painted special canvases for the occasion, inspired by the plastic style of Omar Afous, a follower of abstract expressionism in its colors, textures, shapes and volumes.

It was also an opportunity to showcase the work of artists Hassan Moukdad, Mohamed Bouziane, Mohamed Moussik, Mohamed Hamidi, Aziz Rokhsi, Said Housbane, BouchaibJalib and Mohammed Annabi. On the publishing front, artist and art critic Brahim El Haissan presented his monograph “Artiste Omar Afous : Le Sultan de la Lumière”.

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