Spain – Terrorism: Daech support network dismantled

“This operation resulted in the arrest of five people in Spain, in the provinces of Valencia (2), Cáceres, Alicante and Guipúzcoa,” said the Spanish police in a statement. It added that “the members of the network were allegedly involved in collecting funds from crimes committed in Europe to finance their terrorist activities”.
According to the same source, those arrested were moving large sums of money via international remittances and crypto-currencies, with almost 200,000 euros worth of crypto-currencies seized during the searches.

He added that some members of the network also tried to indoctrinate new followers in the jihadist creed and support them should they express the desire to carry out terrorist attacks. According to investigations carried out over almost two years, it has been detected that “this network contributed to the planning of at least two attacks which were finally neutralized by the action of the security services”. 
“This operation demonstrated the importance of international collaboration in neutralizing the terrorist threat”, the statement concludes.

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