Red Rock Mining, a Moroccan mining company backed by foreign investments, specializing in the exploration and extraction of copper deposits, proudly announces the culmination of a two-year effort to identify potential copper-rich sites. Copper, a pivotal metal in the energy transition, has been the focus of Red Rock Mining’s exploration endeavors.

Leveraging its expertise, a highly qualified team, and innovative technologies in the exploration process, Red Rock Mining is excited to unveil the discovery of a substantial copper deposit located in the Anti- Atlas Mountain range. The company has now entered the critical phase of resource assessment.

With numerous strategically located exploration permits in areas with high potential for copper deposits, Red Rock Mining is poised to become a major player in the Moroccan mining sector.

Demonstrating a dedication to being a significant contributor to the energy transition, Red Rock Mining is strategically steering its operational approach towards the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, the optimization of water consumption, utilization of clean energy, and effective management of mining waste.

In line with its pledge to sustainable and responsible mining practices, Red Rock Mining places a high priority on local employment and the training of human resources. This commitment contributes significantly to the socio-economic development of the regions in which the company operates. Red Rock Mining aims to champion the development of an ethical mining industry that respects both individuals and the environment.

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