Oscars 2024: “The Mother of All Lies” by Asmae El Moudir in the shortlist

On Thursday, the shortlists in 10 categories for the 96th Academy Awards were announced, highlighting outstanding works from around the world. Among them, the Moroccan film “The Mother of All Lies” by director Asmae El Moudir. This Documentary, representing Morocco in the international feature film category, had already won the Gold Star at the last Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM), establishing its reputation even before reaching the Oscar red carpet.   
Lasting 96 minutes, the film plunges viewers into the personal story of the filmmaker who, while visiting her parents in Casablanca to help them move house, discovers a photo that triggers an emotional investigation. This quest leads her to question the family’s little lies, opening the doors to buried memories of her neighborhood and her country.   
Inspired by the bread riots that broke out in Casablanca in 1981, the film makes skilful use of authentic sets and figurines to explore the lingering trauma of this historic event. The director deftly weaves a narrative web that transcends the boundaries of cinema, offering audiences a visceral and introspective experience. 

“Morocco has been shortlisted in the international category of the Oscars…. What a day!!! Proud of my team, proud of my country. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who chose (The Mother of All Lies – Kadib Abyad). I am deeply grateful. Congratulations, Grandma,” the filmmaker said on her Instagram account after the happy announcement.   
“Mother of All Lies” rises as a vibrant tribute to collective memory, sensitively exploring the ramifications of truth within a family and a community. As the film climbs the prestigious Oscar ladder, it also poses universal questions about authenticity and how the past persists in shaping our present. A work of great cultural depth that undoubtedly deserves the attention of discerning film lovers.

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