A family of professional beggars arrested

A family of five beggars has been arrested by the judicial police in Taza. They included the father, his wife, their two children, aged five and three, and the grandfather. The two children, one of whom was carrying a prescription, had been running behind worshippers leaving a mosque in the town on a daily basis, imploring them to help them buy medicine for their father. While their father watched them from afar. As for their grandfather, he was waiting for them a little further on in a car they rented from a car rental agency.

It turned out that this family, which had been begging in front of mosques in Casablanca, Sidi Bennour, Taza, Meknes and Fez, had two houses, one in Tangier and the other in Sidi Bennour, as well as a car and a large sum of money.

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