8-year prison sentence for “Guerrab” rapist

Unable to stand her parents’ arguments any longer, this teenager left her home to stand in a corner of her neighborhood. It was not to her liking. She was kidnapped, held captive and raped.

As a teenager, she found herself face to face with her rapist, before the three magistrates of the criminal division of the El Jadida Court of Appeal. She knew “Guerrab” perfectly, as he was her neighbor in the neighborhood. He was an unlicensed alcoholic beverage merchant from her village, Ouled Ghanem. That’s why she “trusted” him. She was sadly mistaken.
In fact, she was at home when her father returned. He was in an advanced state of drunkenness. His wife began to reproach him for entering his home every day in such a state. An argument broke out between them. Unable to stand it any longer, she decided to go outside. She stood right next to the adjoining house. Suddenly their neighbor, le Guerrab, appeared on his moped. He stops to ask her what’s happened to her. She confides in him that her parents are arguing, and he invites her to accompany him for a ride on the beach. An invitation that pleased her. Once at the beach, she asks him to take her home, but he refuses, claiming that her parents won’t calm down. So he takes her home. She falls into a deep sleep, untouched by Guerrab. The next day, he takes her to the Sidi Smaïl region. There, she’s not the same person. Getting drunk, he beat her up to force her to give in to him. He then drove her back to his place and raped her all night long. The next day, she telephones her mother to confide in her that she has been kidnapped and raped by their neighbor, Guerrab. Her mother came to her rescue and took her to the gendarmes. A complaint was lodged and the accused was arrested. When questioned, he denied having kidnapped her, held her captive and raped her. He affirmed that she had accompanied him and slept with him of her own free will, without him being violent towards her. However, the medical certificate issued by the coroner attested that she had been raped. 
After a motion by the public prosecutor and a plea by the defense lawyer, the court found the defendant guilty and sentenced him to eight years’ imprisonment.

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