The “Lyn Ho” Visa Fraudsters Family – Purchase and Dispute After Receiving the Product 

A few days ago, we received an urgent call from a US company about a serious claim of family that made serious fraud by purchasing visas to Vietnam and created a dispute after they received the product. We asked to receive all the information to take a look before some other business gets hurt. The company sells online services for visits destinations for many destinations such as Vietnam, Ethiopia, Morocco. 

We validated all information that the fact is genuine, and the claim is correct. We checked that all visas are valid and can be authenticated by the official immigration of Vietnam.

The CEO of the company says that he tried to contact the customer a few times. Maybe it was an innocent mistake, but until that moment he got no response, which makes the cause stronger to be fraud. “Seems like this family, trying to get free visits for the holidays” says the CEO. “We have already started a legal suit in parallel. We will go until the truth is revealed. I’m not going to let anyone steal 1 penny from my company“ continued the CEO.

Geniune Visa of LINDSAY LYN

The company has good credibility in the USA , after more than 10 years of more than millions of customers in the travel industry.

Geniune Visa of THANH M LYN

This shows an example of people who use “easy trigger” on the dispute button. Customers need to respect any business and think twice before using it, says the CEO of the company.

Geniune Visa of KELLY LYN

Util now MJT didn’t receive any comment from “Lyn Ho” Family

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