For allegedly swindling would-be emigrants: Seven individuals arrested in Fez and Taza

Elements of the Fez Regional Judicial Police Brigade, in coordination with the services of the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, arrested seven individuals on Saturday, including three women, for their alleged involvement in a criminal network swindling would-be emigrants.

The investigation revealed that the main suspect, together with her sister, was stealing large sums of money from several victims, in exchange for false promises of work contracts abroad, said a security source, adding that the investigation also revealed the involvement of the other five suspects in the mediation and participation in the swindle operations, before they were all arrested in Fez and Taza.

Searches carried out in connection with this case led to the seizure of large sums of money from the swindling operations, as well as IOUs drawn up by the suspects for the benefit of the victims, added the same source. The suspects were taken into custody for the purposes of the judicial investigation, conducted under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecutor’s Office, in order to shed light on the ins and outs of this case, and to identify all possible ramifications of this criminal network.

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