Rabbi Yoel Pinto on the bird that caused emotional upheaval to the king

Sometimes we feel a sense of despondency and lack of proper utilization of life. Each of us knows our inner truth and that he is not exactly the great tzaddik. 

But you’d be surprised, as long as we live and are busy wanting to change, we are very equal in the eyes of G-d, explained Rabbi Yoel Moshe Pinto, son and successor of Rabbi Yoshiayao Yosef Pinto, in a lecture he gave last week.

He illustrated this by a parable of a king who had an amazingly beautiful bird, and was very emotionally connected to it. Later, the bird grew weaker and older, and yet the king loved. She finally died and the king mourned her for a long time.

His servants wanted to comfort him – and brought the king the image of a bird made of gold and silver, to comfort him. But the king remained longing for the bird that had died. “I’d rather have an old, weak, but alive bird than a bird decorated with silver and gold — but dead,” he explained.

The same is true in everyday life. Sometimes we are weak and old – but alive and well, and the king prefers us, Rabbi Yoel Pinto explained.

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