Revelation of the “Knight Yaakov” – Rabbi Pinto in New York

Rabbi Josiah Pinto held a revelry in memory of Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzira zt”l, owner of the “Knight Yaakov” buried in Egypt: “It is impossible to imagine and describe his greatness.” Watch his full remarks

Today is the day of revelry for Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzira zt”l, the owner of the “Knight Yaakov” buried in Egypt. Rabbi Yaakov was the head of the Abuhatzira dynasty, grandfather of Baba Sali, zt”l.

He was known for his great righteousness and genius and survival in the Torah. Zion in Egypt is known as a place where many were saved, but due to the security situation, arriving there is dangerous and unsafe.

Last night, his great-grandson, Rebbe Rabbi Josiah Pinto, held a revelry in his memory, and for many hours Rabbi Pinto sailed through words of Torah and stories of miracles to elevate the soul of the righteous.

The revelry led by Rabbi Pinto took place in New York, where Rabbi Pinto is currently staying.

“Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzira was holy, it is impossible to speculate and describe his greatness,” said Rabbi Pinto, “His teachings and worship of God were special and exalted. His prayers revolutionized heaven,” he added.

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