inDrive offers Umrah Trip package prize for the contest drivers in Morocco

inDrive, the global mobility and urban services launched a special contest for drivers in Morocco. This remarkable initiative commenced on the first of March and will extend till the 31st of the same month. 

Participating drivers will have the extraordinary opportunity to win a truly exceptional grand prize: a free Umrah Trip package, fully sponsored by inDrive. In addition, the second category of prizes encompasses vouchers and enabling drivers to obtain essential groceries. 

This competition, being the inaugural event of its kind for Ride hailing drivers, aims to provide unwavering support to the esteemed driver community in Morocco and the Middle East. By organizing these competitions, our objective is to motivate drivers to persevere diligently in their work, enabling them to achieve financial gains and secure money prizes.

inDrive’s main goals for this contest is to support and motivate the drivers to work during fasting working hours which is quite challenging. 

Conditions of contest:

inDrive is offering an all-expenses-paid Umrah package for a period of 10 days as part of the rewards. This package covers flight costs,accommodation, and transportation expenses. The package is divided equally between 5 days in Mecca and 5 days in Medina. To be eligible for this package, drivers must achieve the highest number of trips during the month of March in five designated cities, namely Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Marrakesh, and Agadir.

As for the second category of Contest, the participants’ driver will win in a grocery vouchers for purchasing estimated at 500 DH  for the first 100 drivers who will make 300 trips during the time period specified for the competition, and vouchers of 300 DH for the first 610 drivers who will make 250 trips in the same period.

Hamza Madarani,The Business Development Manager for inDrive in Morocco, said: “Last November, we launched the first competition in Morocco and the Middle East that enables drivers to win a free car and also other valuable prizes, and now we are launching a new competition that has a special condition, which is winning a free Umrah, a dream for every Muslim, since the announcements of the contest over different communication channels , Our drivers are enthusiastic about the concept and joined the competition, and we urge others to interact and participate because it is an opportunity that does not come twice in a lifetime.”

Madrani added: “inDrive’s continued provision of this type of competition reflects its keenness to strengthen the driver community – the main pillar of our company – and also achieve the goals of social responsibility for drivers. The matter is not limited to profit alone, but rather these initiatives carry lofty and humanitarian meanings.”

To register in the contest please use the following link:

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