Pearson advances educational excellence in Morocco with strategic learning initiatives

Casablanca, Morocco – 2024:  Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, recently hosted two significant events in Morocco, reinforcing its commitment to enhance English language learning and to offer English medium international curricula in the region. These events, aligned with Morocco’s latest initiative to elevate English language education, supported by the UK’s Department of Business and Trade (DBT) in Morocco, showcased Pearson’s diverse offerings, from school-level education to higher education. Chief guest Tamir Campbell Ismael, Education Sector Director, Africa from the UK’s DBT Morocco, delivered the opening address at the events.

The Moroccan Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training’s mandate emphasizes the need for holistic advancements in administrative, educational, and training, positioning Pearson as a strategic partner for English-language learning resources and curricula. The event focused on Pearson’s journey, English language education, and its international English-medium curriculum facilitating a seamless progression from school to university.

Morocco’s government, focusing on early English proficiency, aims to open the world of opportunity for its youth. A recent report reveals a notable trend: 65% of young Moroccans prioritise English over French and Arabic, recognising its importance for education and career prospects. This shift forecasts English as Morocco’s primary foreign language within the next few years, offering opportunities for a new generation to gain proficiency in English. The Ministry’s mandate calls for comprehensive measures across administrative, educational, and training sectors, positioning Pearson as an ideal partner for strategic English-language learning tools.

The first event, focused on Pearson’s products for Schools and English Language Learning (ELL) business verticals, with support from the UK’s Department of Business and Trade in Morocco. 

This event in Morocco marked a significant milestone as Pearson introduced itself as a comprehensive provider of educational solutions for schools to universities positioning itself as a strategic partner in this endeavour.

Attended by 52 participants, including schools, distributors, and PTE partners, the event highlighted Pearson’s role in the transformation of Moroccan education. Tamir Campbell Ismael emphasised the strategic alliance between the UK’s DBT Morocco and Pearson, suggesting vast opportunities for Pearson to expand its presence in Morocco and solidify its role as a crucial support partner, to achieve the government’s English implementation goals. The event agenda revolved around key topics such as the learning journey with Pearson, English language teaching and learning, and the pathways for progression from school to university.

Kathryn Booth, Regional Director, Pearson School Qualifications, spoke on the value of learners progressing through Pearson’s international English-medium curriculum and said, “Pearson Edexcel, as the UK’s largest awarding organisation, is uniquely positioned to support Moroccan schools who are interested in delivering high-quality international education. Our focus is on helping students progress through our international GCSEs and A Levels to world-class universities, thereby unlocking global opportunities for them.”

Ipek Aydin, MEA Director for PTE at Pearson, reflected, “Our commitment to supporting English language learning is unwavering. Pearson has been supporting institutions, ministries, corporations and individuals in their English language learning ambitions through digital-first, AI-enabled cutting-edge solutions. These tools are opening doors for individuals to achieve their future academic and career goals and we are thrilled to expand their reach in Morocco to support the government’s English-language initiatives.”

Key products showcased included MondlyWorks by Pearson, an immersive language learning app designed for school and university learners, and Bug Club, a digital reading scheme for young learners.

Pearson hosted another event at the National Library of Rabat, focusing on its ELL and Higher Education solutions, including the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic), PTE Core, MyLab & Mastering, and Pearson eBook. The event aimed at universities and potential PTE Partners, saw participation from 22 attendees, featuring key figures from Moroccan institutions and special guest Tamir Campbell Ismael. This gathering highlighted Pearson’s role in transforming higher education through its advanced, internationally recognized learning and assessment tools. In addition, digital transformation plays a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness and accessibility of Pearson’s higher education content, providing universities with interactive solutions that support students and educators in achieving their academic goals. 

Ipek Aydin reiterated Pearson’s dedication, stating, “Our support extends beyond language learning; it’s about equipping learners and institutions with the tools for success. Our focus on digital transformation in higher education through trusted content enhances learning outcomes and supports educators in their mission. The acceptance of the PTE by governments in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada for study and migration applications is a testament to its credibility, and we are excited about expanding our test and preparation centres in Morocco.”

Pearson’s events in Morocco mark a pivotal step in aligning with the nation’s educational goals, offering innovative solutions and strategic partnerships to foster English language learning and educational excellence in the region.

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