Civil servant arrested for corruption

A civil servant working at the 2nd administrative annex in Bouznika suspected of corruption was recently arrested by members of the judicial police in Benslimane and placed in police custody before being remanded in custody.

His arrest followed a telephone call made by a complainant through the toll-free number set up by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to denounce acts of corruption. The complainant stated that he had been blackmailed by a civil servant. She demanded the sum of 500 DH in exchange for obtaining an administrative document. Without wasting any time, the Public Prosecutor’s Office instructed the police to start an investigation. With the cooperation of the complainant, who gave the investigators the 500 DH bills he was to hand over to the civil servant.

The detectives photocopied them before asking him to give the sum in genuine banknotes to the civil servant. In short, a mousetrap was set for the civil servant, who easily fell into the net of the detectives. The detectives compared the serial numbers on the photocopies of the banknotes they were keeping with those which the civil servant had received from the complainant and placed in her desk drawer. They were identical…

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