He stole cars from a carwash

A special kind of thief has just been arrested in Casablanca. This young man targeted cars parked at car washes.

Near a shantytown, not far from the Lamkansa region of Casablanca, a young man parks his car. When he gets out, he catches the eye of the young people living there. And for good reason: he appears to be in a state of confusion. He turns his head right and left as if looking for someone. Suddenly, a 4×4 car coming at high speed stops right next to the young man’s car. Looking at five people getting out, he took off running. The five people and the local youth set off in pursuit. They managed to catch him.
One of the five people in the 4×4 alerted the Royal Gendarmerie that he and several others had just caught a car thief. The detectives rushed to the scene. They learned that he had stolen a car from a carwash in the Sidi Moumen district of Casablanca. He was taken into custody and questioned by the gendarmes. It is customary for these motorists to hand over the car keys to the employee who will be responsible for washing it. To achieve his objective, the thief watched the employee without attracting attention. Targeting the car, which had not yet arrived for its wash and was parked a little way from the premises while it was running, the culprit waited for the employee to fetch a certain object used in the cleaning process, then sneaked inside the vehicle, quickly closed the gate and sped off at full speed. The investigation is still underway to identify the members of this gang, who are still at large. Their accomplices include the fences who bought them either in their normal state or as spare parts, those responsible for dismantling them, and those who sought out the buyers, namely the samsara.

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