Prayer and Awakening: Rabbi Pinto’s Simchat Purim

Rabbi Pinto’s traditional Purim celebration was attended by thousands who came to rejoice and be blessed. The event took place at the Shova Israel beit midrash in Manhattan, and the powerful singing went on for many hours.

In the shadow of the war and the security situation in Israel, Rabbi Josiah Pinto held the Purim banquet last night with prayers for the complete release of all the kidnapped children held by Hamas.

Rabbi Pinto’s Purim wine feast has become known as a traditional event attended by thousands who come to rejoice and be blessed. As mentioned, this year the nature of the event was different, combining prayers, words of Torah and empowerment.

The event was held at Shova Israel Seminary in Manhattan and was attended by dignitaries of the Manhattan Jewish community, politicians and government officials, businessmen and billionaires who came from all over the United States and around the world, and an audience of thousands of his students who came to be blessed on Purim.

Rabbi Pinto was always present alongside his son and successor, Rabbi Yoel Pinto, who received extraordinary sympathy from the crowd of thousands who repeatedly sang the song that became a sensation in “Shova Yisrael” – “If a Jew knew who Rabbi Yoel was, he would be happy and dance for a hundred and twenty years,” a song originally composed by singer Adi Ran.

Despite his young age, Rabbi Yoel Pinto was known for his genius and knowledge in all areas of Torah; We will find out, Chassidism, Halacha, and mysticism. His Torah teachings are inspiring in their depth, and rabbis and Rebbes around the world seek his advice and guidance.

On Rabbi Pinto’s table were hundreds of bottles; wine, whiskey, tequila and more, and the Rebbe urged his followers to fulfill the mitzvah of the day – to drink and rejoice and give thanks for the miracle G-d performed with the Jewish people during the time of Queen Esther and Mordechai the Righteous.

“The One who performed miracles for us in the time of Mordechai and Esther will perform a great miracle for us today,” exclaimed Rabbi Pinto, “We must not forget for a moment the abductees who are in great trouble in Gaza. We must not forget the soldiers who are fighting. We must not forget the bereaved. We will now pray and cry out to G-d to save us,” he added.

The powerful singing at Rabbi Pinto’s Purim meal did not stop for many hours. The orchestra and singers played and sang, and the Rebbe inspired the thousands to rejoice and grow stronger.

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