Break-in at a money transfer agency in Al Hoceima: two suspects arrested

Sixteen days after the attack on a money transfer agency in Al Hoceima, elements of the Tétouan prefectural judicial police, in coordination with their colleagues from the PJ in Al Hoceima, succeeded on Saturday March 16 in arresting the main suspects in the Mdiq region, 7 km from the city of Tétouan, according to a judicial source. They were two ex-convicts who managed to gain access to the branch after breaking in, and to get their hands on a large sum of money which was in a safe, the same source added. Two gloves and part of the thugs’ clothing were discovered on Friday, March 8, by investigators from the Al Hoceima judicial police while they were making the usual report on the scene of the crime, the same source added. The two thugs were brought to justice.

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