Fake checks for real cars

Two swindlers, members of a criminal gang specializing in scams via an online sales and purchasing site, were put out of action by members of the Guercif judicial police, with the coordination of officers from the Taza and Fez security services. 

A third member of the gang is still at large and actively sought. This network was dismantled following a complaint made by a victim to the Guercif police. Wanting to sell his car, the complainant turned to a specialized website. Buyers were quick to come forward and haggle. Finally, the victim, who lives in Guercif, and a buyer from Fez came to an agreement. They arranged to meet in the same town. The buyer managed to gain the vehicle owner’s confidence and paid with a crossed cheque. But he was wrong. The seller soon discovered that he had been swindled. The check turned out to be forged. The victim lodged a complaint and the police machine was set in motion. A mousetrap was set out for the members of the gang, and two of them fell into the police net. The investigation revealed that there were other victims in addition to the complainant.

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