“SHIHA LABASS?” 2024: A New Season Blending Humor, Fiction, and Medical Awareness!

Casablanca, April, 05 2024 – “SHIHA LABASS?” is back for an engaging second season on Al Aoula, since Ramadan 2023. This innovative show, which cleverly blends medical awareness with humor, has won over a large audience, reaching an impressive peak of 4.7 million viewers in 2023.

In this new season, Dr. Oubeid Allah Hlal, with his relaxed tone, continues to educate viewers on various medical topics, making information accessible and understandable while entertaining the audience.

New features of Season 2: For this second season, “SHIHA LABASS?” goes even further by adopting the codes of Short Com’. With over 5.5 million viewers in 2024, each episode immerses viewers in situations where the main character, Omar, and his circle interact with Dr. Oubeid to address various medical questions. This season features a two-part structure, blending a fictional first part with a more serious second part where the doctor interacts with the characters in various medical scenarios.

Omar, the main character: Omar embodies Dr. Oubeid’s alter ego, a young dynamic, funny, and romantic executive, allowing viewers to easily identify with him.

About Dr. Oubeid Allah Hlal: A cardiologist and comedian, Oubeid uses humor to inform and raise awareness about medical subjects.

He studied between Morocco and France, completing his internship in hospitals across France. He specialized in tobaccology, cardiac rehabilitation, prevention, and cardiac imaging at the universities of Paris Diderot, Saclay, Bordeaux, Tours, and Lausanne.

He dreams of continuing to integrate art in all its forms to serve medicine.

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