Case of missing teenager in Ben Ahmed solved

Having decided one day to abandon her studies to look for a job to improve her family’s living conditions, a teenage girl woke up early in the morning and left her home without informing her parents or giving any sign of life. We’re in the Ouled Moumen douar of Ouled Âmr, in the rural commune of Aïn Dorbane-Lahlaf, part of the Ben Ahmed district, province of Settat. Early on the morning of Saturday May 11th, the mother of the teenager, A, aged seventeen, woke up and prepared breakfast. But her daughter, who was on her way to the Laâyoune high school in the village of Tlata Loulad where she was studying, was slow to wake up. The mother went into her room to urge her to get up. But she couldn’t find her. Nor is she in the bathroom. Where could she have gone? No one has a clue. What the mother is sure of is that her daughter had gone home the night before, around 9 p.m., after dinner, to her room to sleep. In fact, she searched the four corners of the house for it. But always in vain. Immediately, the mother and her husband alerted their neighbors and family members to start searching the area. One of the young men in charge of the search came across a blood-stained dress, a few human hairs and a bottle containing some brandy, right next to a well in the rural commune of Sidi Dahbi. The Royal Gendarmerie were immediately alerted. From the outset, they believed that the girl had been killed and thrown into the well. That’s why they called in the civil protection, who had to dive into the well to look for the girl’s body. But they found nothing. What about the blood-stained dress found next to the well? Is it just a cover-up for some crime? And if there is a crime of murder, where is the victim’s body? This enigma was solved when a young girl noticed the teenager’s photos on social networks. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Because it was her friend, who had been staying with her in Mohammedia since Sunday May 12. Without delay, she phoned the Royal Gendarmerie to inform them that the teenager was in her company. The investigators quickly moved to Mohammedia, in the La Victoire district, and took the teenager and her friend to their station in Ben Ahmed, before taking the teenager to hospital to be examined by a forensic doctor, who issued her with a medical certificate stating that she was unharmed. On Monday May 13, they were brought before the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Settat Court of Appeal, who released them without prosecution. But why did she go to her friend’s house in Mohammedia without informing her parents? Coming from a poor family, she decided to leave her studies and look for a job that would enable her to improve her living conditions and provide for her family. She justified her departure from her douar, arriving in Casablanca before joining her friend in Mohammedia. 4

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